Actscare Celebrates Family Week

The Actscare team were happy to be part of Family Week celebrations held at the new Wellcamp Airport. The world-renowned dancer and Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet Li Cunxin shared insights into his remarkable life as detailed in his autobiography, the best selling Mao's Last Dancer. Li said, "I strongly believe in the family unit and family values."

"As a child I just loved that family time together. I have the most special memories, even though there wasn't enough food to eat, of our family sitting together and sharing the day's experiences, whatever they were".

In the lead up to Family Week, the Committee has been running a campaign entitled Come to the Table highlighting the positive outcomes for children and the family if there is a conscious effort to sit down to eat a meal together at the dinner table. Family Week in Toowoomba celebrates its 10th birthday in 2015 and there is much to celebrate. For the past two consecutive years, Toowoomba has been named in Australia's top four most family friendly cities by the National Suncorp Family Friendly index, and the most family friendly city in Queensland.

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