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Plan Management is about having a third party to communicate with service providers and pay invoices on a client's behalf. A Plan Manager receives and pays invoices, either directly from providers, or passed on from a client. This is done by claiming money from relevant budget categories on the NDIA portal. They may also send monthly reports at a client’s request, including the current budget totals remaining and where money has been spent.

ActsCare provide Plan Management services throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Managed by accountant, Peter Bowly, our primary role is to help client's navigate the NDIS system, so that they can get the most out of their funding and achieve their goals. On behalf of our clients, we will;

  • Receive invoices and pay providers on their clients behalf

  • Make claims via the NDIS portal

  • Help with budgeting and keeping track of funds

  • Take care of the required financial reporting

  • Help a client build skills, should they wish to transition to self-management

  • Help a client choose and coordinate providers

If you choose to enlist the assistance of our Plan Management team, you still have the flexibility to choose and arrange your own supports, including service providers. You can regularly meet with your Plan Manager to discuss your plan and any goals you may have.

If you are interested in our Plan Management Services, please contact or phone (07) 4638 1939.

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