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School Leavers Employment Support Program (SLES)

SLES is an individually tailored, two year employment pathway, providing school leavers with ‘on the job’ experience that aims to increase employability and develop a clear career direction. SLES introduces participants to various businesses and industries. This provides a unique opportunity for participants to understand various work skill sets that may be of interest to them.


SLES supports are:

  • Tailored to the individual and their unique pathway to employment

  • Focus on capacity building, developing skills, independence and confidence to work

  • Assist you to explore and understand your work potential

  • Are reviewed periodically to make sure that your NDIS goals are being met

  • Ability to partake in work experience in a range of different fields

How your SLES pathway will work.
Your individual plan outlines strategies, supports and training in your SLES pathway. Goals and support needs are identified and delivered through structured modules and learnings. Progress notes, formal training and feedback will be provided on an ongoing basis. Your progress and career goals will be reviewed and refined quarterly to support your on your pathway to employment.

Your SLES pathway supports will include:

  • Life skills and communication

  • Accountability and self motivation

  • Interview preparation and presentation

  • Preparing for your first day

  • Resume preparation

  • Applying for a job

  • Resilience building

  • Computer and job ready skills

  • Conflict management

  • Travel training and money management

  • Workplace expectations

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